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The Truth comes out

have learned.... to find out how someone really feels about a person, you must tell a lie. I'm saying this because I wanted to know how a certain felt about our past relationship so when they told me they had cheated on me...I said I cheated too just to see what they would say...and of course it worked...I found out that I was being played the whole was a game to see what power they had over me...and thats totally fucked up...the sad part is I got caught in the game and it took me 5 months after the final break up to find out the truth. It pains me to have wasted time, and enegry and especially love on such a person. I let a secert part of me show to this person....a part I don't share with many. Because of this I will no longer open myself up for anyone, I refuse to let myself get played again. I don't even want to get back with James anymore..because what if he's doing the same thing?...fuck that

I'm so sick to my stomach I just want throw up right now and take a shower to wash away all the nastiness of this person. I never thought someone could be so sick in the head. I have heard of people playing others for a few weeks, maybe even months but to take it as far as an year and then agreeing to marry them is downright mentally insane. Oh well I kinda glad I know the truth!!!

edit: Oh for that know who you are..I never cheated on you..believe me or not I really don't care. But I didn't cheat I just lied to find out information.... I just wanted to know if you cheated on me with Kat but to find out there was 3 or 4 others, I needed something to get back at you. Plus if you wanted to get with didn't need to play me to do it.
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