ame_ga_korobu (ame_ga_korobu) wrote in love_rants,


Man...I don't think I've posted in here yet..but I'm having some serious issues concerning the object of my affection....grrr...*seethes*

Well, this guy I like is named Mike, he's 16 (I'm 18 by the way, but I don't think age matters here) anywho...the real issues lies in him being slightly asexual...he's simply not interested...for reasons I don't need to disclose.

Anywho...I'm head over heels for this guy...because he really is worth it. And he's a good friend. But it's so hard to be around him and have to hide how I feel. It's awful.

And now that school's out and I've graduated, I'm scared I won't see him so much. I wanted to get closer to him, even if it was just as a friend.

Man, this blows. But I guess you can't help who you fall in love with eh?
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