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I'm hoping for some men and women opinions on my situation.

My boyfriend is leaving this thursday for Las Vegas. He is going with 4 other guy friends, and he will be gone for 4 days. Tomorrow we will be going to a waterpark with my family, and then on Tuesday he is going to a different water park with people from his work. I know for sure that the majority of the people going are females, and one likes him. I don't mind him going, I trust him whole heartedly, however I think that the timing is kinda off. They are leaving on Tuesday at 10am, and it will take them about 1 1/2 hours to get there, and it stays open until 8pm. That means he won't be home until around 10, therefore leaving us with about 1 1/2 to hang out that night. The next day he works from 2-11, and then leaves for Vegas at 4am Thursday morning.

Is it wrong for me to ask him not to go? I want to see him before he leaves for Vegas, and I obviously won't be able to if he's gone alllll day Tuesday with people from him work, and then at work alll day wednesday, to which he leaves Thursday at 4am. How would I ask him not to go without him thinking I'm some green eyed jealous monster? Am I making a big deal over nothing?
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